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Mission Statement

The Society aims to retain the character of Finchampstead, promote improvement to the infrastructure and generate community spirit with events that entertain and inform.


With a population of around 12,000, Finchampstead stretches from Sand Martins Golf Course in the North to the River Blackwater/Hampshire border in the South and from Crowthorne Station in the East to beyond New Mill Road in the West. See location

In 1976, the Finchampstead Society was created by residents concerned about the possibility of urban development threatening the rural charm of Finchampstead and the surrounding area. The primary concern of the society remains to protect, not just the members’ interests, but also those of the wider community and to ensure that we maintain the rural nature of Finchampstead.

The society’s first project was to carry out a study of the Parish of Finchampstead which, in 1977, was published in Finchampstead past, present and future. The study recommended a number of areas for action. Over the following years, undesirable developments have been challenged and improvements supported.

Bramshill Forest

The society played a vital part in getting the government to reject plans to build 4,500 houses in Bramshill. This would have faced us with an additional 6,000 car journeys a day.

Land Banking

We successfully drew attention to our local and the wider UK threat from the so called Land Banking Enterprise. The UKLI company started selling strips of farm land at £20,000 each, giving the false impression it could eventually be built on. The society had articles published in The Guardian and The Financial Times ultimately resulting in the Department of Trade closing down the scheme.

Footpath along the Blackwater

By directly engaging with the gravel extraction company, we were able to have constructed a new footpath providing access to a significant proportion of the North bank of the Blackwater River. We continue to monitor the restoration of the excavated areas as they prepare to become nature reserves.


Finchampstead is fortunate in having one of the highest density of public rights of way in the country. Each year, the society organised a series of family walks around the local area.

Jones VC Trophy

Each year, the Society awarded the Jones VC Trophy to individuals or groups who have been seen to make a major contribution to Finchampstead.

Social Events

The society ran a number of social, where residents could meet in a friendly atmosphere. Activities have included quizzes, dances, dinners, visits, talks and lectures and wine and beer tasting evenings. If participated in the Finchampstead Village Fete and held an annual Carol Concert.

Debates and Question Time events have included those prior to the election of the Police Commissioner, the EU Referendum and the General Election. New ideas for events are always welcome.


There is abundant wildlife in Finchampstead and the surrounding area. There are large variety of birds, flora and fauna. The Moor Green Lakes nature reserve is situated along the Finchampstead side of the river Blackwater. Restored land at Manor and Fleet Hill farms will soon be joined to Moor Green Lakes to create a larger nature reserve.


Over the years, residents amassed a large collection of historical documents and maps. The majority of the archive material is now held by Berkshire Records, in Reading. A small number of documents and maps are in store in the FBC Library. Digital versions of significant proportion of the Archive are accessible via this website"

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