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Relocation of the War Memorial

Update 20th April 2022

WBC granted planning permission for the relocation of the War Memorial to the wide grass verge adjacent to the Memorial Park in February 2022 and completion of the project is expected to be in June/July 2022.

Update 14th September 2021

The relocation of the War Memorial has been subject to public consultation on the Parish Council proposal, which closed on July 31st There was a huge response and the Parish Council appreciated the interest shown by residents. Results of the consultation will be published shortly. The Parish Council have agreed that landscape consultants should be appointed to manage the project through all the stages.

Update 15th June 2021

The relocation of the War Memorial will be subject to public consultation. The Council agreed that, should the relocation of the Memorial proceed, its chosen site would be the verge adjacent to the Memorial Park.

Update 13th April 2021

The Finchampstead park management committee have expressed a preference for the War memorial to be relocated to the roadside verge adjacent to the park. However, the feasibility study into the potential site near to St James’ Church has now been completed and plans and illustrations have been received by the Parish Council for discussion/decision.

Update 26th January 2021

A site in the memorial park close to St James church has been proposed by the Parish Council as the new location. The council has written to the Parochial Church Council and the memorial park management committee to seek agreement for this proposal. Agreement has been received from the Parochial Church Council, but a response is awaited from the memorial park management committee.

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